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Blonde Onyx is the umbrella brand of creator and multi-disciplinary artist BuddhaBee.  Blonde Onyx has several branches of content, products, and services including; music, media, clothing designs and merchandise, blog and lifestyle, as well as artistic development services.  Blonde Onyx is a source of positive inspiration in a well-rounded brand and aesthetic. Life is made of polar opposites: Good/Bad, Push/Pull, Positive/Negative, On/Off, and Blonde Onyx embraces every facet of life’s true nature. Blonde Onyx invites you to see through its current, regal lens of black and gold, rather than traditional black and white!

In the age-old chronicles of sound and color two energies reigned supreme: Blonde, the effervescent bearer of light, and Onyx, enigmatic guardian of shadows’ allure. Blonde dances gayly in the sun’s embrace, his every movement a testament to the wonders of miracles, light, and unashamed celebration. He sings the language of love with a voice as timeless as the souls it touched. Meanwhile, within the veiled recesses of night, Onyx prowles with a graceful poise, his eternal presence a captivating blend of mystery and allure. Proudly embracing his authentic self, Onyx radiates an aura of unabashed fantasy and allure, beckoning all who are adventurous enough to revel in the splendors of the unknown. As epochs passed and worlds collided, the boundaries between light and shadow began to blur, paving the way for a cosmic convergence of destiny. In a symphony of celestial choreography, Blonde and Onyx merged into a singular being: Blonde Onyx. This union birthed a new legend, one where the harmony of light and shadow resonated with the rhythms of the modern world. Today, Blonde Onyx walks amongst us as a living testament/testimony to the alchemy of self-discovery, self-kindness, and self-acceptance. Through his artistry, he weaves tales of enchantment, wonder, and sensuality, inviting all who listen to embark on a journey of introspection, celebration of one’s authenticity, and transformation. For in the merging of these seemingly opposing forces lies the true essence of omnipresent beauty—a reminder that we are all multifaceted beings, capable of embracing the light and the darkness within us without shame, fear, and hesitation.

Blonde Onyx has performed original music at music festivals around the world, including; Bali Spirit Festival, Symbiosis, Symbiosis Eclipse 2017, Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity Festival, Enchanted Forest, High Sierra, Bliss Camp, and Burning Man.  BlondeOnyx has performed at many venues and private parties on the West Coast; throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Oregon, and the greater Northern and Southern California regions! Blonde Onyx has been a featured music performer for large-scale fire shows both domestically, and internationally!



Blonde Onyx Designs creates garments for people who choose unique, stylish, functional-fashion, that also have the desire to stand out in a positive way!  With a forward thinking, hip-hop-viking-jedi-ninja aesthetic, I’m creating fashions that appeals to a wide range of people in different scenes. These limited-edition garments to integrate with and upgrade your steez, and help you create powerful looks that accentuate your badass natural style! These initial designs are a way for me to begin to share my brand aesthetic with others!  These test runs are my upgrade and solution to the traditional technique of ‘applying ones logo’ to only basic articles of clothing, and releasing that as a merchandise line. I am excited to now share with you, my new limited-edition fabrics and designs!


One of BuddhaBee’s passions is helping other artists or entrepreneurs to more fully realize, and clarify their visions.  With Blonde Onyx’s Artistic Development branch, BuddhaBee offers a variety of services that help with; brand creation and development, creative styling and direction, business strategies, consulting, and general artistic coaching (including performance and voice lessons).  BuddhaBee has a true talent and flair for helping people discover deeper levels of their innate potential; and to identify and accentuate what unique qualities they already possess, in order to create their desired artistic impact. Blonde Onyx’s Artistic Development services will be catered to fit your goals, objectives, and brand, while encouraging you to think and play bigger, more broadly, all while maintaining your integrity to your project.  

BlondeOnyx Buzz

There was a time when record labels committed themselves more seriously to developing the careers of their recording artists. Today, it is much harder to find a record label committed to this goal. When a major label signs a new artist or band, they presume the act has sufficient musical, songwriting, and performance talent, and are ready for the big time. Up until
In this generation you have this reach that no other artist in history has ever had! You aren’t just some dude on the corner handing out his mixtape. You’re brand and an artist with access. When building your personal brand you would utilize the marketing techniques that businesses use and apply them to yourself. Marketers are tasked with trying to be as genuine
Before you can market yourself as an artist you must determine who you are and what you represent as an atist. We have all heard about the illusive “IT” factor. It’s when an artist has the “holy” gift of stage presence, look, feel, personal charisma, and ability to “fit in” no matter the situation. It’s what record labels, managers, and agents look